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Every women loves the confidence that makeup gives .Beauty and cosmetic all made for women to make her elegant ,adorable, good looking and confident . beauty and cosmetic includes  all the products which gives glow to the skin , eyes and lips  .Skin related products  like anti wrinkle creams ,skin whitening creams, eyes related products like eye shadows eyeliner, lipstick ,lip gloss ,lips related products like lip stick, lip gloss, matte and glitter lip colour all include in the beauty and cosmetic list .

 Beauty and cosmetic make sin soft and smooth. Makeup is only made for women if women is not used that then who else use it .There are lot of benefits of using beauty and cosmetic products , It stops  skin to get older , its makes skin smooth ,silky ,plain ,tight , wrinkle free and mushy . It nourish the skin as beauty products includes lot of vitamins and minerals . It add glow in the skin , make women look attractive , It helps in built confidence and makes her cheerful and happy .

 The use of cosmetics in Ancient Egypt is well documented. kohl and lacewing flies have their roots in north Africa. Remedies to treat wrinkles containing ingredients such as gum of frankincense and fresh moringa. For scars and burns, a special ointment was made of red ochre, kohl, and sycamore juice. An alternative treatment was a poultice of carob grounds and honey, or an ointment made of knotgrass and powdered root of wormwood

 Women can live without a mobile phone for one day but she can’t live without makeup even for one day . Women looks pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful  with the right makeup .Makeup is an art that can be learnt by applying beauty and cosmetic on regular basis. Good quality of makeup provides no harm to skin and add benefits into skin .Here is a chance to make your skin healthier with the purchase and  use of beauty products available right there .

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