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LIPS without lipstick are like cake without frosting so put on some lipstick a live a little . Beautiful lips makes smile beautiful . there are many products available in the modern world which help out to make  lip soft and attractive .The words comes from mouth but the movement of matte and glittering lips add some beauty in the conversation . Charm can be added into lips by the use of matte lipstick and lip gloss , glitter lipstick caryon and lip gloss and chameleon lip gloss .

 A nice smile , matte lips and a round cheeks help to look like a teenager. There are many colors present to paint lips .Red one’s makes women feel younger ,Pink one’s makes girls feel like a princess and many more. Each color of lipstick shade has its own importance ,choose which one you like and feel young , elegant , charming ,attractive and adorable .

 The history of lipstick starts in prehistory and continues into the present. From ancient Greece and India to Elizabeth England, people have darkened, painted and adorned their lips with dyes, pigments, plant roots, pencils and rouges. In ancient world , both men and women use cosmetic things to add glory in their life . In the 1950s, Revlon and Hazel Bishop were the two biggest games in town. But in today’s world there is lot of brands available which gives tough competition in the modern world .but this things doesn’t matter to consumer demand .


Lips without paint doesn’t suit’s to any women . a little bit of lip colour  makes lip soften and add grace into it . In today’s world beauty all lies in face so make your face and life adorable by adding some shades of lipstick in the makeup kit . Women and girls love to wear makeup and makeup is never completed without lipstick . If you are so sad add more lipstick and attack that it will make anyone’s day great.

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