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A girls without a beautiful nails is a night without stars .Well shaped nails add beauty in the look of women’s hand and a light or dark colour nail paint is like a icing on the cake . The more your hand looks amazing the more you feel confident while shaking hands with others . Beautiful and well shaped nails gives an extra glow to the beautiful hands of girls . It does not matter which colour is applied on nails ,the main thing which matters is the nails ought to look amazing and attractive.

Life is too short to have naked nails .In today’s world there is each and every type of colour available in the market which can be used in painting nails that provides glow to the nails . Nails can be decorated in many ways in modern life .It can be ornate with the help of glitter nail paint , matte nail paint ,stones ,artificial small flower ,art ,design , studs ,pearls and many more which give shine to the nails .

Nail polish originated in China and dates back to 3000 BC. Around 600 BC, the royal house preferred the colors gold and silver. However, red and black eventually replaced these metallic colors as royal favorites. In egypt the lower classes wore pale colors, whereas high society painted their nails a reddish brown, with henna. Early nail polish formulas were created using basic ingredients , but now many types of chemical combination used to make nail polish liquor with long lasting effect.

Life is not perfect but your nails can be as you can not buy happiness but you can buy nail paints to make yourself cheerful and happy. Even if someone do not have good nails it can be make perfect with the help of artificial nails , by adding extension in the nails .Painted nails with light colour is far better than plain nails .Life is too short to wear a boring nail polish .Let’s buy the new one and add smile in the life 

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