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Beautiful nails provide the glamour look to hands.Cosmetic products especially for nails become a lot familiar and give youthful appearance.Some people have short and bitten nails; they might feel bad and unhappy for that.  Now there is a solution for such short and bitten nails that is poly gel. It helps to give beautiful shape to short nails according to choice. Poly gel is a nail gel solution which is used as nail extension.  Poly gel takes a short span of time to apply and it stays for longer time.

Poly gel comes with new UV and LED acrylic nail poly gel, double end nail art brush and nail set which gives more charm to nails. Poly gel nail extension does not have any side effects for longer time period. Artificial nails are also nail extension products but poly gel more demanded in today’s market.

Poly gel is the hybrid form of hard gel and acrylic nails. The liquid slip is used to make form in poly gel. Poly gel does not contain any active ingredients and also it has light pleasurable fragrance.  Poly gel is solidifying or hardens only if cured in UV or LED lamps. Poly gel takes 30 seconds in LED lamps and 2 minutes in UV lamp and automatically will last long whenever applied. Poly gel available in six different colors like, bright white, natural clear, soft white, soft pink, dark pink and cover pink.





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