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 Without retro sunglasses ,outfit can not be completed .Retro sunglasses are mostly comes in round shape with different sizes, colours and designs and popular among both men and women.Sunglasses are eyewear designed to help protect the eyes from sunlight. Eyes are very sensitive part of our body and may be easily damaged it cause problem if poor vision  .Retro sunglasses help to stop the damage of the eye lens ,retina and cornea. Retro sunglasses have darker lenses which helps to stop radiations comes from the sun.

Retro sunglasses consist of  light-filtering lenses and a frame which holds the lenses in place.. The lenses of retro sunglasses are mostly made from colorized plastic , such as polycarbonate. The lenses which are optically accurate are having highest quality lenses. The retro sunglasses having gray colored lenses are produce least distortion. Different type of chemical coatings are used in making of lenses.

The frame of retro sunglasses are mostly made from metal or plastic. Frame which is made through metal are little expensive as it is made from the mixture of nickel and other metal such as silver. The two main elements is considered while making retro sunglasses ,one is design and second is fashion and function. From history to present , retro sunglasses have still popular among men and women .

 Eye-catching frames, well shaped lenses, and logos are the sign of a good designer sunglasses ,and retro sunglasses have all these qualities. Some of the design are classic design and there is no change in that designs, others must continually changed as the taste and preference changed. retro sunglasses made with high quality product and light weight material so, that it become easily portable .Moreover, it is inspired by classic look and modernization provided with unique ideas. Retro sunglasses  also provides a stylish look to the people Want to look stylish, then purchase retro sunglasses to gain attention of others.

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