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The more dashing the men look , the more women attract towards him. Men with nice beard and  hairstyle along with a  latest trendy sunglasses catch attention of each and every women . Sunglasses for men add more charm and gives him a killer look. These can be wear by men for many reasons like it gives a perfect look to their face it saves his eyes from dust ,pollution , ultraviolet radiations and add more inner confidence in him.

 From the ancient time , men used to wear sunglasses . No doubt its usage and styles are changed in modern world as compare to the ancient world . The first and foremost reason to manufacture sunglasses is to give protection to the eyes . but now the reasons for wearing sunglasses have changed . According to survey conducted in America , 80% out of 100% love to wear sunglasses as it adds glory to their face .

 The sunglasses for men comes into a variety of shape, size, colour , design and brand. Men can purchase any sunglasses which suits to his face .If sunglasses does not suits your face there is no usage of wear that sunglasses . Always wear sunglasses according to the structure of your face so add it helps to enhance the look of your face .

 Types of sunglasses for men are aviator style , Ray bon wayfarer, western look style , rimless style and wraparound style . Frame style are also different like rimless, half rim and full rim and many more. These are also comes in many colours like black , blue, green , rose red and sea green. Sunglasses can be purchased according to taste and preference as it’s a matter of men’s look. So , pick the best one you like and add charm to your face .

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