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IBCCCNDC PolyGel Nail Extension Kit

£19.99 GBP
ibcc pink set of 5

set of 4 contain

1-30g polygel


1-slip solution


1 - spatula tool  

Product Description:

Till Now, Poly Gel comes in different forms but nowadays liquid formulation is more demandable and popular. IBCCCNDC PolyGel Nail Extension Kit is true example which is perfect blend of natural components and it is lighter than both acrylic and hard nail gels. This enrichment principle conveys strong, healthy, elastic and lightweight nails and packed with strong properties such as its super easy to use, strengthens the acrylic nails, have UV/LED curable capability with complete dryness in order to give desired shape and natural feel to nails. It is generally apply as a spread over the surface used to carve a full set of nails and moreover there’s no requirement of lifting while applying. The best thing about this polygel is, it contains no monomers, no proportion and no addition because it normally available in pre-mixed formula. In short, this Poly-gel is genuinely all-in-one method designed with perfect effective and efficiency. 

Product Features:

  • This quick building polygel pre-mixed formula delivers infinite working time, less wastage, and easier filing.
  • This revolutionary polygel nails are strong and flexible, available in six different pre-mixed shades such as coffee, pink, jelly red, transparent & skin color.
  • Poly gel Nail Extension Set is can be used for both professional hair salons and home.
  • This IBCCCNDC PolyGel Nail Extension Kit is very convenient, simple to use, low-cost effective and less time consumption.
  • More importantly, this poly gel is normally comes in squeeze tube in order to avoid wastage or spillage while applying.
  • This hybrid nail gel available in wide range of shades to choose from, works great on natural nails than artificial nails.
  • It is ultra-light, fragrance-free and more importantly it is comfortable to wear with usage of applicator with kit.

Packaging Included:

  • 1 - IBCCCNDC PolyGel Nail Extension Kit