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Mestar Iron Pro for Hair Straightener, Curling Hair

£35.00 GBP

Product Description:

This 2 in 1 Mestar Iron Pro Hair Straightener is strong built hair curler helps to make your hairs visibly smooth texture and beautiful instantly. It helps to provide different hair styles such as retro look, bouncy or loose waves. It can be complimented with different outfits for all occasions. Most importantly, it can be done at home withing few minutes.

Product Features :

  • Portable, Convenient to carry for longer trips while travelling.
  • It is very effective and simple to use works as dual-purpose hair styler.
  • Works great for both personal and professional use.
  • Suitable for different hair qualities depending on thickness,texture without damaging hairs.
  • This lightweight hair curler is perfect for women to groom their hair look.
  • It comes with soft texture and strong handle for easy handling while using.

Package Includes :

  • 1 - 2 in 1 Mestar Iron Pro Hair Straightener