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Polygel Colour Changing Kit - Thermo Temperature Changing

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Product Description:

In order to keep nails healthy and beautiful, lots of big brand companies brings different types of polygel is considered advanced nail enrichment comparatively ordinary nail treatments. This Colour Changing Polygel is normally comes in liquid form is far better than powdered or creams, available in 15ml with 5 different color variants to choose from. In terms of properties, this colour changing poly gel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel ultra-light comparatively both. This Polygel is not self-leveling but stays wherever it is placed not like hard gel. On the other hand, unlike acrylic it doesn’t harden until it is treated well under UV/LED lamp for instant dryness.

Product Features:

  • This Polygel Colour Changing can be bought in complete kit which includes poly gel, nail file, dual end steel brush, crystal clips, nail molds, top and base coat.
  • This Polygel Temperature Changing is totally different from other nail enrichments in terms of properties because it automatically changes the color depending on the level of temperature.
  • This Poly Gel Temperature Changing is works perfectly for creating beautiful nail art designs, sculptures and nail art painting.
  • This Poly Gel Colour Changing is simple to use and long-lasting results in saving time and cost efficient, last for almost one month if properly applied to create beautiful nail extensions.
  • Grab this All-In-One-Kit for those who love to keep their nails look more natural and various beautiful nail extensions.
  • This Poly Gel Kit is works perfectly for both artificial and natural nails. Moreover it can be used for both daily and professional use.


Packaging Includes:

  • 5 Colors Polygel
  • Nail File
  • Dual End Brush
  • Crystal Clips
  • Box of Nail Molds
  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat