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Red polygel -shopelegance

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ALL-IN-ONE COLOR POLYGEL KIT- This Gorgeous Poly Nail Gel Kit comes in 6PC Set which includes 15ML extension gel(27 colors to choose from), r and all the essential tool that you needed to start building your awesome gel nail extension such as top coat, base coat, slip solution, spatula & 6W Nail lamp.
CONVENIENT AND QUICK BUILDING: Fast application and easy create durable extension nail art or natural false nails. Suitable for professional use or home use, save money from nail salon.
LONG WEARING AND LAMP CURING: Up to 30 days wearing if you apply it appropriately; Need to cured with nail lamp (UV lamp for 2-3 min or LED lamp for 60-90 sec).
WIDE USAGE: Not only good for doing poly quick gel nails but also good for doing UV gel/acrylic nails/other nail extension, so you can make a beautiful nail art design on your finger nails even toe nails..
HIGH QUALITY AND BEST SERVICE: Perfect Summer Poly Gel is More flexible than acrylic & stronger than hard UV gel & lighter than both, which is a must have for nail art lovers. Any problem just feels free to let us know, we must help you solve it soon.
LONG-LASTING EFFECTS: There are 27 colors available in this set and as well as the updated gel formula. This extension gel could last up to one month or longer with proper NAIL PREP (Filing, buffering and cleaning). For even better results and lasting effects. You may apply nail dehydrator and primer after your nail prep. You may also refill your nails when the new cuticle area grows. You don't need to remove it and start it again!
15gm Poly Nail Extension Builder Gel (27 Colors available to choose from)
1. File & clean nail surface and edge.
2. Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure with LED lamp for
about 60secs for UV lamp for 2mins.
3. Pick desired amount of poly gel and put it on dual form.
4. Dip the nail art brush in slip solution to make gel smooth.
5. Shape the gel on dual form.
6. Apply the dual form to your nail.
7. Cure with LED lamp for 30-60 secs or UV lamp for 2 mins.
8. Remove the dual form.
9. Trim the shape you like and polish your nails.
10. Apply the top coat.
11. Cure with LED lamp for 30-60 secs or UV lamp for 2 mins.
12. Beautiful poly gel nails done.

1. File the nail surface;
2. Wrap your nail in remover wraps for 5mins;
3. Use cuticle pusher to remove the entire piece of nail enamel

1. It is important to start with clean, oil free nails to avoid lifting. Clean your cuticles and file your nail surface completely!
2. You can mix with the different color nail extension gel to create a different color, or mix the nail extension gel with glitter, to create a sparkly nail art.
3.If you don’t have slip solution, alcohol can also help to pick and form this nail builder gel smoothly.
4. After finishing the nail extension gel nails, you can wipe with alcohol on the both sides of the nail, so that the sticky layer will be removed and the nails will be more smooth and shiny.
5. It might be hard to squeeze out the gel at low temperatures. It's suggested that you seal the tube in an airtight and waterproof bag, put it in warm water at about 60¡æ for 5-10 mins then take it out and use it as normal.