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Poly Gel

Posted on September 22 2018

Poly Gel

Poly Gel is all-in-one advanced formula combines the good qualities of acrylics and hard gels to provide rapid growth and beautiful look to nails. Women’s are more concerned about how they can give extra care to their nails. Poly Gel is generally come in the form of liquid which is also called slip- it is very light and nice odor unlike other nail gels. Due to its quality – its simply provide easy and unique shape to Poly Gel. This gel normally stays exactly wherever it is applied; it won’t become settled until it’s treated well.

Poly Gel has very most important factor – there won’t be any nasty layer left behind when it’s cured. It is more bendable than acrylic, stronger than other usual hard gels. Poly Gel is generally come in full fledged kit include such as shades, slip solution, nail dehydrator, multi-purpose tool, nail cleanser and lastly primer. Poly Gel is very effective and creates unique designs to give the beautiful appearance to the nails, possibly will give best experience.