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Poly gel

Posted on October 06 2018

Poly gel

Poly-gel is one of the most advanced and multi-purpose formula which is made up of combination of liquid, powder, acrylic gel and hard gel. It is also known as builder gel. It is all-in-one formula working with perfect consistency and perfect finishing. There are no monomers, no proportion and no mixing required. Poly- gel is totally different from traditional gels. It is very effective and durable than traditional hard gels. It is combination of active ingredients which helps in protecting nails in shorter time period and keeps nails healthier and stronger.

Poly-gel is an infiltrate nail enrichment that can be applied on the top of the nail surface. This enrichment formula delivers stronger and lighter nails. It is 23% lighter than acrylic gel and 16% lighter than traditional hard gels. It gives nails natural feel, strong, nice texture and appearance without affecting its durability. Due to strong hold or stickiness, there won’t be any separation and lifting of nails during wear period. Poly- gel normally available in full fledged kit which includes – poly gel, slip solution, and nail fake tips and brush. It comes in the form of two shades – opaque and sheer shades.

Poly-gel can be applied in two different methods – use with nail art forms or nail fake tips. This odorless formula maintains consistency of nails last-longer. There’s actually poly-gel slip solution liquid which comes with premixed formula which required to be softer and placed into exact place with a brush. Poly-gel is beneficial to use, unlike other ordinary hard and acrylic gels, poly-gel stays exactly where you place it but it is not self-leveling. Most importantly, UV LED lamp is must because it doesn’t harden until it’s cured completely. Poly-gel is lot more effective and stronger to provide nails natural and beautiful appearance.