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Poly gel

Posted on October 09 2018

Poly gel

Nails are very integral part of body, keeping them clean, beautiful, firm texture and maintain constant growth is must. There are lots of cosmetic and beauty products available in the market. One of the unique, innovative and future of cosmetic products is poly-gel which is also familiar with the name of builder gel. It is all-in-one advanced formula is a combination of both liquid and hard gels. Poly-gel comes in different type of forms- powder and liquid gels. This is highly advanced enrichment formula which can be applied by covering the nails properly.

Poly-gel is very effective and simple to use as compared to traditional hard gels. It provides nails healthier, stronger, elastic, long life and light-weight nails. In every way, it is beneficial because it helps to strengthen and cure the nails. Most importantly, poly-gel is very lighter than acrylic gels and hard gels and it comes with constant consistency. It comes with no monomers, no proportion and no addition required. This poly-gel comes 100% free from side-effects and there’s no strong smell.

It normally comes in the form of kit which includes poly-gel, brush and nail fake tips, but poly-gel is being sold separately as well. It is available in six different shades which help people easier to select what color or shade they are after. The premixed formula supported or guided by brush is called Poly-gel slip liquid. Experiment the newly innovative and effective poly-gel helps in maintain healthier, stronger and nice texture to achieve beautiful and shiny appearance to nails.