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Poly gel and Fat Burning Cream

Posted on October 15 2018

Poly gel and Fat Burning Cream

Poly gel is advanced formula of nail extension cosmetic product, designed to use as nail extension and overlay as well. This well made poly gel is combination of hard and acrylic nail gels. It is beneficial and effective nail product such as flexible, durable, lightweight, nice smell, long-lasting and easy to file to give beautiful and flawless nails whenever required. It is available in six different colors light pink, dark pink, cover pink, soft white, bright white and natural clear.

The main purpose of fat burning cream is an alternative method that helps in reducing or burn fat around different skin areas such as hips, stomach, thighs and butts. There are different solutions in the market to reduce weight such as gels, sprays, oil and creams. This topical fat burning cream is made up of natural ingredients which is very effective than chemical creams. The key element – chili is the main ingredient which helps in rapid reduction of fat in short time.