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Posted on October 13 2018


Over-sized Sunglasses always comes always in large lenses that help in protecting eyes against sunlight. They are fashionable and trendiest sunglasses especially among women. The design and style of sunglasses specifically made for women and reflects feminine feeling while wearing these unique sunglasses. They are suitable for different face shapes such as long, oval and round faces. These oversize sunglasses are versatile and solid frames in different shades that can be wear for different occasions such as parties, beaches and marriages.

Retro Sunglasses was introduced in 30’s by celebrities, from there onward these trendiest and unstoppable in these days. A retro or vintage pair sunglasses reflects the wearer look distinguish and stylish than other ordinary sunglasses. They are available in wide variety of sunglasses in various shades and shapes such as round, oval and long face shapes. They are true example of fashion statement providing unique designs and versatility finishing with modern twist can be wearable in any occasions. Longevity is key element for these stylish sunglasses.

Wholesale Sunglasses is more demand-able because they can buy at low-cost in bulk quantities. The wholesale word refers to selling products in bulk quantities at lower prices to achieve a marginal profit. It means the more the quantity, multiply the marginal profit. There are various unique styles such as retro, polarized, aviator, oversize and mirrored sunglasses to give superior and classy look at reasonable price. Experience the different style of wholesale sunglasses which will reflect individual personalities with all kinds of outfits for different occasions.

Steam punk Sunglasses was first introduced back in 50’s specially designed for professional workers for their safety. This unique sun glass features a bold metal frame that reflects both elegant and retro look. This well-made solid bold rimmed frame resembles a fantasy steam-punk feeling. They are not only fashionable sunglasses; even it protects eyes 100% protection against bright sun rays. There are various styles of steam-punk sunglasses such as over-size, round-shaped, oval-shaped and polarized sunglasses in different vibrant and retro colors.